My First Pack With LNI

On Saturday, November 4th, I had the opportunity to participate in a meal packing event with LNI. As a new member of the Lesotho Nutrition Initiative, I had only recently learned of the huge impact the organization has on the families in Lesotho, so I was excited to become a part of that impact. One thing I did not anticipate, however, was the way my participation would affect me. As a member of the service club in my high school, I engaged in a number of events to help my community, but not one of them has made me feel the way I felt on Saturday. As I was standing there adding vitamin packets to bags, I got to tell the other students what I had learned about our meals. I told them that every bag we packed gave a family in Lesotho 6 meals, and that the families actually enjoy the meals we send them. In no time at all, Dr. Rosenberg was yelling “We’ve packed 5,000 meals!” In only half an hour we had made 5,000 meals for families in Lesotho. That is something truly amazing to me, and I hope it was just as amazing to the other people participating in the LNI event. I felt something very real when I was packing those meals. Looking around at this group of about 100 people, I realized that I had become a part of something very special. I was making meals with my own two hands, and I felt my impact on the kids in Lesotho. I felt important. I finally felt like I had done something truly good. I had made something that will change the life of a person 8,600 miles away. Until you are actually standing there, making meals, you can’t feel the profound impact LNI is making. Participating in the packing event allowed me to feel a real connection to Lesotho, and I could not be more grateful for that feeling. I am also incredibly grateful to have gotten involved in the Lesotho Nutrition Initiative as a freshman at Wittenberg. This means I get to spend the next four years participating in LNI, packing meals, and actually contributing to the families in Lesotho. I have always dreamt of becoming a part of an organization like Doctors without Borders because I want to have a real impact on the world. Now I have found the perfect organization to help me start making my impact. My heart was full of pride at the packing event on Saturday, and I really began to feel a connection with Lesotho. The families in Lesotho have found their way into my heart, and I hope one day I can go to Lesotho and find my way into theirs.

- Destiny Paulen