Packing Meals in Front of God and Everyone

On Thursday, March 2nd, LNI took on a packing event at Alter High School, a Catholic school in Kettering, Ohio.

First of all, we packed over 30,000 meals at Alter High School. We absolutely COULD NOT have done it without them!

Two weeks earlier we went to talk to the students, to fire them up for what was to come. The interested students asked questions and tried to sort out exactly what they were contributing to.

At the beginning of the event, Dr. Scott Rosenberg reiterated our mission to feed 1,500 children under the age of 5 for three years in order to boost cognitive development as well as strength in HIV positive children.

Alter’s Key Club was in charge of gathering man power. While numbers started off slow, they grew by the minute. The event gathered students, teachers, and some volunteers from the Kiwanis Club together for the cause.

At the school, during the presentations and the pack itself, the students and staff were proud to show off their united front and commitment to family, friends, and religion as well as helping the world around them.

President of LNI, Jhena Kowaleski celebrated her birthday the day of the pack and the united group agreed to a hearty song of “Happy Birthday” to aid in the celebration.

I often make these events sound like fun and games, and they are of course fun, but there are working moments too. The gratifying experience is not only that of watching students pour some rice and soy into baggies; it is touching each bag of rice as it is lifted off the truck and knowing that each 50 pound bag is literally saving lives. It’s knowing that each meal you help pack, is six kids you get to feed.

At the end of the event, the sore muscles are worth it, and they are always accompanied by a gratifying story to tell!

A happy and well deserved Spring Break to all of the Lesotho Nutrition Initiative members!


Until next week,

Francesca Janes