A Reflection by Keylahn Hodo

The Lesotho Nutrition Initiative packing events have changed my view on the importance of nutrition for the human body. Going into my first event I knew a lot about Lesotho already, seeing how this was my major and I had taken a couple classes on it. However, I did not know that this many children were going without food or enough food until recently. That’s what drove me to start going to the packing events and helping in any way I could. The events have been great for getting to know my fellow students who feel just as passionately about this, if not more, than I do about this cause. I’ve always been someone who thought that I should do something to give back in one way or another. I always thought I would do something within America, which I may still, but these events have made me realize that the world is so much bigger than just me or what goes on where I call home. There is no reason why young children should not be able to reach their full potential because of their nutrition. They are going through something that I could not even imagine. Once you become an adult you realize that the progress of the world is about the future (children) and these kids deserve to be able to at least have a well-balanced nutritious meal, so that they have at least one less struggle to worry about in their everyday lives.

-Keylahn Hodo