Since hunger doesn’t sleep….

Finals are finally beginning to creep up here at Wittenberg University, home of the Lesotho Nutrition Initiative and many students are ready for a break. Forget the break, we are ready for the end.

But since hunger does not sleep, neither does Lesotho Nutrition Initiative. We are just starting to heat up these days.

Following the St. David’s packing event, a plan began to quickly be set into motion. Unfortunately, this semester’s Wittenberg packing event was declared a no-go when the budget seemed too costly. Before we knew it though, we had another plan of events.

The LNI Gala took place on April 8, 2017 and our goal was to make 1200 dollars. This dollar amount would have helped us finish paying off our debt and begin to make a dent in the hefty shipping fees to make sure our hard work in packing meals would not go to waste sitting in a warehouse. When all was said and done, the gala did more than we could have hoped. We raised over 2000 dollars!

For the first time ever, Lesotho Nutrition Initiative has some money in the bank! Soon though, we’ll put that money in Basotho mouths as delicious Nutri-Plenty meals.

But wait, there’s more! Of course, we have been working hard on our assignments and studying for our exams, but each day a Basotho child withstands the test of an empty belly. So we are carrying on too!

On Tuesday, March 18, 2017 we will be holding a 15 percent night at Bada Bing Pizza in Springfield, Ohio. Fifteen percent of all proceeds from 5 -9 p.m. will be donated to LNI and contributed directly to getting those already packed meals on their way to Lesotho.

Last but certainly not least are our final packing events to finish out a year. On April 29th we’ll head over to Stebbins High School where students and faculty have committed to our cause. Then, in the middle of finals week muck, we will make our way to St. Ursula’s for one final go for the spring semester before the Wittenberg students hop on that plane to Lesotho themselves!

As always, more to come, but we must thank all who contributed to the LNI Gala and to those who have donated in the past few weeks. We are after all, students and an advisor running a true non-profit organization and we know we could not have hoped to do any of this without YOU!

Until Next Time:

Francesca Janes