Meeting the King

Over the course of the last few years, The Lesotho Nutrition Initiative has been consistently developing and improving. We are partnering with churches, schools, and other organizations in the central Ohio region, and we are increasing our presence on our college campus. Wittenberg students have the opportunity to go to Lesotho each year and see the impact we are making by communicating with the Basotho and watching the meals being enjoyed by each child.

This summer, however, we got a gift we never could have asked for: we got to meet the King of Lesotho, Letsie III, and discuss the projects we've been working on with The Lesotho Nutrition Initiative. We had the chance to go to the Royal Palace in Maseru, where Dr. Rosenberg was able to tell His Majesty what this project is working toward and how much it means to us.

It was an incredibly humbling, unique experience to share something so close to our hearts with one of the highest figures in Lesotho government. After Dr. Rosenberg explained the details of our work, The King seemed genuinely thankful for the projects we've done. Recognized as a Champion for Nutrition in Africa, His Majesty understands the need for combating malnutrition and this was clear throughout the meeting. We stressed that not only are we regularly packing the meals in Ohio and shipping them every few months, but we are maintaining other projects in Lesotho through yearly trips.

Before leaving, The King challenged us to continue talking about our experiences in Lesotho, encourage involvement in LNI, and remember the importance of this work. That is exactly what we plan to do.

- Caitlin Cahoon