The King is Coming

In the weeks preceding our Spring packs, the Lesotho Nutrition Initiative is reminded of its impact in Lesotho. Wittenberg University’s Class of 2018 has selected King Letsie III to be the commencement speaker this spring. King Letsie III is the constitutional monarch of Lesotho, a small, landlocked country in southern Africa. During a recent trip to Lesotho, Dr. Rosenberg and Wittenberg  had the opportunity to meet King Letsie III. Kelsey Fobean, Class of 2018, spoke about meeting the King: “The really cool part about it was that the King really liked our initiative because nutrition and health are something he has cared about personally and politically throughout his life.” The King has prompted worldwide attention to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in southern Africa and was named as African Nutrition Champion by the African Union in 2014. As a whole, Wittenberg University is incredibly excited to have King Letsie III, but his visit is especially important to the Lesotho Nutrition Initiative.

Since the beginning of the Spring semester, our organization has been hard at work preparing for upcoming packs. Students have spent hours creating fundraisers, ordering supplies, and planning the many packs to come. Although the organization is working hard to put all this together, the weeks without packs can feel distant from Lesotho. In hearing the news of the King’s visit, we are reminded of that connection. A constitutional monarch has decided that our organization, just a group of students and their professor, is important enough to fly hundreds of miles to visit. His acceptance of this invitation demonstrates our impact on Lesotho. It reminds us that what we are doing for the families of Lesotho is really special. In the busy semester ahead, the Lesotho Nutrition Initiative will keep the King’s visit in mind to fuel our action. We are enthusiastic about the semester ahead, and we hope you will join us in our mission to combat hunger and malnutrition in Lesotho.

-Destiny Paulen