Lesotho and You

For the last few weeks, the Lesotho Nutrition Initiative has been moving at full speed in an effort to reach 500,000 meals. This accomplishment really shows the impact we are making in Lesotho. Although helping the people of Lesotho has always been our main objective, some of our members are beginning to see the impacts we have in our communities.  

The Lesotho Nutrition Initiative hosts packs at different locations in an effort to engage other communities with Lesotho. Often times, these packs are held at schools where there are people and spaces for us to assemble our meals. There is something very special that working with other community members brings to the LNI packs. Seniors Annie Fort and Caitlin Cahoon spoke about their experiences at the recent packs:

“At the last pack, this 4-year-old kid came up to me and wanted to help me seal the bags. He would slam the lever down and always remind me to ‘watch your fingers!’ He was so sweet and a ton of help and it was so exciting to see someone that young excited about service!” Annie Fort ‘18

“I had such a good experience at Alter. This was our second time packing with them and both years they have been enthusiastic and genuinely happy to be part of it. I got to work alongside a group of girls that were asking all about Lesotho, why we do what we do, and what else they can do to get involved. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had at a packing event and it made me excited to know that we are reaching other people beyond Wittenberg and Springfield.” Caitlin Cahoon ‘18

Both members were able to experience one very important part of LNI, our impact on the communities around us. It is truly astounding to know that we have spread our love for Lesotho to so many different people. The fact that we have been able to show even a four-year-old the importance of our work for Lesotho is incredible. And in the end, these people are actually helping us achieve our goals. Without the help of the students, kids, or adults that attend these packs, we would not be the organization we are today. The Lesotho Nutrition Initiative is immensely grateful to all those who have helped us because they make our goals possible.

-Destiny Paulen ‘21