Pack at Oakwood High School

Starting early to make the 40-minute trip to Oakwood, we arrived and started unpacking the truck into the gym around 8 am. It may have been only 15 degrees outside, but we all started warming up fast and getting fired up for the day. When we began setting up the tables for lines, the students and volunteers started arriving and everyone looked happy and ready to get started. We finished set up with 20 minutes to spare and started the event early at around 9:15 am. We were all pretty nervous and excited when a camera crew showed up and started scanning the room. Everyone got to work and looked good, working hard and packing ahead of time. Our goal was to hit 30,000 meals for the day, and we picked up speed immediately and I knew we would hit the goal.

The music was playing, and everyone was jamming out and having a good time. That’s something I’ve always loved the best about packing events: the pure joy and positive energy of doing a good thing and just enjoying the time with others. Everything went smoothly and everywhere I looked I just saw smiles and lots of packed meals. For a school as dedicated to LNI as its members, Oakwood hosted an incredible pack this and the final number of meals was 30, 240 packed in under two hours! So excited to see what the rest of the semester holds after such a fantastic pack, despite the cold.

-Amy Brennan ‘21