My First Time Running a Line

Last month, I was able to attend a pack at St. Ursula. This was the first pack that I was left alone to run a line and set up everything with only one other person, Amy, to help me. That fact made me feel nervous, but I was confident after working a few packing events before that I could do it and make everything run smoothly. Which is exactly what happened. The pack went a lot better than any of us thought it would when we noticed how many people showed up to help and the number of girls that were at Saint Ursula to help with the pack. The girls at Saint Ursula moved through the packing very quickly once they were in a groove of how to pack the meals. They were all very talk-a-tive and enjoyed learning about why we pack meals and why we were going to Lesotho and the people that would be supported by the meals they were packing. I was very proud of not only the line I oversaw, but of all the girls involved in the pack that day. They worked hard and if something happened or they had a question they were not afraid to speak up (even if that had to do with the music being played). Overall, it was a very fun pack and we finished early after making 19,000 meals and had enough time to talk with the girls more about Lesotho and LNI in depth and share our reasons for being there at working with the packs and going on the trip. 

Grace Fischer, ‘20