Partnering with organizations in Lesotho to combat childhood malnutrition.


Lesotho - a country of just over 2 million - has an estimated 360,000 orphans and estimated 550,000 children facing severe malnutrition and stunting. This is a dramatic and alarming contrast to 2001 when the number of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS was 34,000. Many family members are unable to take in most of the children, leading to an increase in child led households. Only 11% of Basotho children age 6-23 months have the criteria for a minimum acceptable diet.



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TTL serves around 100 children in our safe home and in our outreach program, all of whom benefit from the incredible work LNI does. With the help of LNI, TTL has been able to grow our capacity to reach even the most rural and vulnerable populations. I kept dreaming about seeing the meals delivered to TTL. But I got to witness something better than seeing our hard work arrive. I got to witness how our work plays out. How that hard work goes into a community. I get to see our hard work at work.
— Annie Fort, Touching Tiny Lives

The community here in Motsekuoa is incredibly thankful for the support of the Lesotho Nutrition Initiative and the impact the meals are having on the physical and cognitive growth of our youth. The entire community here believes that every child deserves a chance. LNI is giving them that chance. Thank you Lesotho Nutrition Initiative for all that you do for Lesotho as a whole, and especially for our Motsekuoa community.
— Kelsie Arlin, Andrew Blais Orphanage Home