Our Mission

We started off as a small group of students and faculty from Wittenberg University who were concerned about childhood malnutrition in Lesotho. After three years, we are a non-profit organization that that has packed and sent thousands of meals to children in Lesotho. In the coming years we hope to grow our organization so that we can help get more Basotho children the nutrition and food they deserve.


Who We Help

Lesotho, a landlocked country entirely surrounded by South Africa, suffered almost equally from the harsh realities of Apartheid for over forty years. As a result of this legacy, Lesotho is one of the thirty poorest countries in the world, with an HIV prevalence rate of 23.9%, and the highest per capita death rate from HIV of any country in the world. According to the UN, in a country of roughly 2.1 million people, the HIV/AIDS pandemic has helped create a situation in which there are 360,000 orphans living in the mountain kingdom. Additionally, due to poor soil and other climatic conditions, Lesotho only produces about 10% of its own food. These two crises combined led to the government’s 2013 proclamation that 550,000 children were facing severe malnutrition. In the mountain district of Mokhotlong, nearly 40% of children suffer from severe malnutrition and stunting and the national average is over 30%. The extremely high incidence of malnutrition and stunting demonstrates the need for nutritional assistance to children in this remote and often neglected corner of Lesotho. While helping the nation surrounded by South Africa was once very much in vogue, since the dismantlement of Apartheid assistance to Lesotho has virtually dried up.

What We've Achieved

  • We are officially recognized as a 501c3 by the IRS.
  • We are members of the Alliance to End Hunger.
  • Since the start of our organization we have packed over 600,000 meals.
  • At our first annual Pack-a-Thon, we packed 85,000 meals in just 24 hours.
  • In June 2018, a shipment of 290,000 meals arrived in Lesotho.
  • We have been feeding 1,500 children and families for 3 years.
  • We are currently on track to feed 1,800 children and families!